Tuesday, May 18, 2010

PR's Taco Palace

Down the road from the Winter Park Farmer's Market on the other side of the train tracks is PR's Taco Palace. I've heard it mentioned a dozen times so we popped in on our way home to grab a quick lunch.

We sat near the open converted garage door - this place must have been an auto garage back in the day. PR's would be a great locale to grab a few cervezas and tacos with friends. Maybe we sat a little too close to the sunlight but the place was visibly filthy from the dried salsa on the table to the layer of dust and food particles on the chairs and floor. I get the "hole in the wall" feel including the chairs with graffiti on them but the place was a little to gross for comfort.

We quickly ate our mediocre tacos and quesadillas as the train passed by and then headed home to make some pickles.

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