Friday, May 21, 2010

Barrel Cuke Pickles, Round Two

We are crazy about pickles!!!

One of our favorites is the fresh old fashioned half sour barrel pickle (or whatever you want to call it!) The pickle of choice is the one you find at a good deli or the refrigerated section of your local megamart.

Last year we created a big batch and they came out great so this spring I wanted to address what was missing from the last batch - bold flavor. Check out the post and recipe here. The brine was great but it needed a little punch so I doubled the grated fresh horseradish, garlic and added an extra cup of red wine vinegar. I even threw in some grape leaves this time to add an extra bit of crispness. Old wives tale? I don't think so.

This new batch was dumped into a crock and fermented on the counter for 5 days. We have tasted one each day since then and the cucumber flavor has slowly been traded for the salty, spiced vinegar brine.

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