Monday, May 17, 2010

Pickle Week

Hooray! It's Pickle Week here at!

New creations on deck include some yummy Thai-style pickled cabbage, old-fashioned fermented barrel cukes, grilled artichoke hearts packed in fresh herb oil and even some homemade ketchup. I hope to create some new pickles every day this week.

We jump-started our celebration of all things pickle this past Saturday with a trip to the Winter Park Farmer's Market to pick up some fresh herbs and small pickling cucumbers.

Just past the produce we found a new stand filled with the best pickled goodies ever - what a find! The timing was perfect.

Our new friend Wendy gave us samples of several pickles and chutneys. They were all soooo delicious. We went home with her horseradish pickles, a pickled corn relish, mango apple chutney and peach chutney. Stop by her stand at the Winter Park Farmer's Market or visit her online at Thanks for the inspiration, Wendy!

Back at home, we dug into the horseradish pickles and ate the whole jar! The girls loved the clever packaging and kept putting the paper top on their heads like a hat.

We are making the barrel cukes today when Lillie gets home from school. Let the adventure begin!

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