Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lillie's Homemade Asiago Meatballs

Lillie's favorite meal in the world is spaghetti with meatballs - whatever you do, don't give her those frozen, spongy ones out of the bag. She decided this week she was going to create her own (with a little help from me) so we set out to make them from scratch. While we were there, we crafted some homemade sauce too. The meatballs were loaded with grated asiago, garlic and smoked paprika. I intended to document the new recipe and process but sometimes you just have to put the camera down and have fun.

Lillie carefully caramelizes the onions. Sadie is ready to press the garlic. The Kitchen Kids unite!

Al dente angel hair pasta was the perfect carrier for Lillie's delicious meatballs and sauce. It was like a flavor bomb went off! Sadie was so ready to eat this bite! "take the picture already, daddy!!!"

In the end, my little chef Lillie was proud of her flavorful creation and excited about cooking again. Stay tuned...

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