Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Liquid Nitrogen Instant Ice Cream

"Look! A wizard!" Lillie was the first to spot the newest roadside sign spinner in town. Sporting a purple robe and a giant wizard head, this guy had all the moves down and his sign said the magic words: ICE CREAM!

We didn't realize that the Abracadabra Ice Cream Factory was not your average marble slab ice cream shop until we walked inside. The giant nitrogen canisters were the first clue and then we noticed that there was not one ice cream tub behind the counter. All the ice cream is made to order - frozen right before your eyes! What?!

We carefully selected Nutella, cherries and honey from the list of 36 mixers and then watched her swirl them into the custard cream base. She brought the bowl over to the nitrogen tanks and gave it a loud 10 second blast!

The smoking bowl was returned to the counter and she aggressively whipped the contents together until the frozen cream and all the ingredients combined in perfect harmony.

The girls loved the theatrics and the ice cream was truly delicious. Nutella's savory hazelnut and chocolate blended perfectly with the bright and tart cherries. Can't wait to go back!

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