Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring Garden 2011

We had a blast planning out and planting our spring garden this year with the help of my dad (aka Papa Wu.)

First we raked up the rest of the leaves from winter - why didn't they blow into the neighbor's yard like last year? Mysterious Mother Nature...

Papa Wu helped us pull out any weeds and rake in the new soil.

I stapled down the guide string to help us know where to plant the seeds. If you are thinking about gardening in small space, check out

We planted our favorites like sugar snap peas, golden beets, rainbow carrots and lots of salad greens.

We also added some new veggies to try including purple string beans, asparagus, swiss chard and Sadie's new favorite, Brussel Sprouts!

All the seeds are in and the soil is patted down. We put the tall, fast growers in the back and short, slow growers in the front so everyone gets some sun.

Lillie cleans up the last few stray leaves.

Sprinkler fun after a long day of planting!

Ok, we did our part...what choo got, garden?

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