Monday, September 6, 2010

Mango Pineapple Bubble Tea

We spent the weekend outdoors in St. Augustine introducing Lola to the beach, soaking in some history and eating some amazing food. While waiting on our Belgian waffles in this charming courtyard we sampled a mango pineapple bubble tea from Crucial Coffee. I know that St. Augustine is the oldest city in North America and this old hut must have been one of the first buildings. It was an ancient coffee shack from way back that was so warm and inviting and look...they even have free Wi-Fi! Go figure!

The bubble tea was a first for the girls. Its a green tea-based smoothie with fresh mango and pineapple. The best part is the surprise at the bottom - translucent tapioca orbs lurking down below. Each tart and creamy slurp through an over-sized straw brings up some gummy treats from the depths of the drink. These unusual beverages filled with edible pearls originated in Taiwan and come in every flavor imaginable. The girls loved  it!

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