Thursday, June 3, 2010

Picking Blueberries with Papa Wu

On the way to pick up our new puppy Lola, a series of pick your own blueberry signs caught our eye. We came back a few days later with Papa Wu to see what it was all about.

We ended up at Abshier Farms to pick some blueberries. They have 15 varieties of blueberries with rows of bushes as far as the eye can see.

Our new friend Lucy gave us the grand tour and even passed along a cookbook filled with some great kid-friendly recipes.

The Florida sun was beating down so we hit a few rows and picked as many as we could. Papa Wu was showing the girls his picking technique - one for me, one for the bucket!

Lillie's bucket was lighter for some reason...

Lola was digging for a cool spot so we cut the trip short. We hope to come back on Saturday and pick some blackberries this time!

Looking for a "pick your own" experience in your area? Check out

1 comment:

  1. Hey Chris,
    This is Eileen from Mai Thai Wandering. I just made a posting about picking blackberries. Have you gone back to pick blackberries?

    Friends of ours planted blueberries on their farm in Gainesville, Fl, but lost many plants to the cold winter. Guess this farm did ok since it's further south and inland.

    I've enjoyed reading your blog since Barb pointed me to it. It has inspired me to do my own, so thank you!

    Good luck with your blog and music.