Thursday, March 12, 2009

Will They Eat It? Sardines!

A few months ago Lillie and I were watching a documentary where dolphins circle a school of sardines and churn them into a giant "bait ball" that attracts birds, sharks and just about anybody else in the area that has a hankering for some my children. I actually found the moment of the show that sparked her interest...

Lillie: (rubbing belly and smiling) Mmmmm! I love sardines!
Me: (laughing out loud) You do? Have you ever tried a sardine?
Lillie: Mmm hmm! I love sardines...
Me: Really?
Lillie: Yes!
Me: If I bought some sardines, would you eat them?
Lillie: Yes!!!!

Time for another "Will She Eat it?" Challenge!

And so I picked up some sardines, but not just any sardines..."Mediterranean-style" sardines with olive oil, garlic, red pepper and black olive....

And suddenly even I was interested in trying these sardines. I remember eating them on crackers as a snack growing up ALL THE TIME until one day I took a bite, but not all the way through. I pulled back and saw a tiny little skeleton on my cracker! Last sardine in 25 years!

So now it is the moment of truth! Will they eat it? They are both so excited and ready to go even after seeing the contents of the tin...

Lillie eats her sardine in two bites and gives it a big thumbs up.

Sadie has thrown her picky ways behind her and was all in!

She was actually the first to ask for seconds!

I tried them myself and they were actually pretty delicious. I chewed it quick. My first thought was, "this would be great whipped into a Caesar dressing."

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