Thursday, January 15, 2009

6 Degrees of Bacon

lillie and her bacon band-aid

On the drive home, I always bring up the meals they ate that day and inquire about what they would like to eat for dinner. Tonight we had leftover chicken noodle soup and a waffle cone with homemade strawberry honey icecream.

Me "What do you want for dinner tonight?"

Lillie: "I want bacon for dinner!"

Me: "Really? I had a spinach salad with bacon on it for lunch today."

Lillie: "Mmmm. I love bacon!"

Me: "Lillie, did you know that bacon comes from pigs."

Lillie: "No Daddy, mud comes from pigs!"

sadie is always game for an impromptu photo

Monday, January 12, 2009

Is it Spring Yet?

Lillie and I were in the backyard this past weekend and she freaked out when she saw the scarecrow lying face down on the ground.

Lillie: "Oh No! What's wrong with scarecrow?!"

Me: "He was tired and is taking a nap."

Lillie: "Actually, he fell down. Can we plant some seeds in the garden?"

Me: "Its too cold. In a few months we will fill the whole garden with seeds again."

Lillie: "Tomorrow we can plant baby carrots?"

Me: "We have to wait until Spring?"

Lillie: "Like Tigger's tail?"

Me: "Yes, just like Tigger's tail."